Friday, June 3, 2011

Leatherworking, Oh How I Loathe Thee

So, quick update. You might remember that I promised to buy PG a Vial of the Sands when I hit 100k. Well, I didn't quite hit 100k, I was sitting at roughly 85 but I found one up for about 15k cheaper than they normally go on our server so I snatched it up. She decided it would be more fun for her if I learned the mount and flew her around while she knits (she's a tradeskill nut in RL too). So my DK now has a Vial of the Sands and ferries her around wherever she wants to go.

Speaking of the DK. I had no plans to level him seriously, but the guild needed an undead DK for the Classy Undead achievement, and it made more sense for me to level one five levels than our GL starting a new one and raising it 30 levels. Even though she probably could have done it in a week because she levels freakishly fast. I started a DK when wrath came out, but quickly lost interest in him. This time around, I went DW frost and man, is he fun. Plays very much like my beloved rogue. Anyway, he's now 85, has a full set of crafted PVP gear, and is tricked out with almost every BoE I can buy him at this point. I spent a good 10-15k just buying him toys, not to mention the Vial of the Sands. His tradeskills were mining and blacksmithing. My rogue was already max BS, and my pally has max mining so I didn't really need either of those. Wednesday I decided I was going to drop those and make him a skinner/LW because I don't have either of those and the leather market is pretty wide open on my server. Two days and about 15k later, he's max skinning and LW. Let me tell you, I got so sick of "kill, skin, kill, skin, kill, skin". I think it will pay off though. I've already bought the two purple leg enhancement recipes and have sold two or three of the DPS ones for over 600 and one of the tank ones for 900. Plus, I don't have to find a LW or impose on PG to convert savage to heavy savage to buy Pristine Hide's now.

I had also been planning on dropping herbalism on my drood and picking up enchanting. Both to min/max him a bit with the ring enchants, and because of the money to be made selling enchants. Thanks to PG's foresight, I kept most, if not all, of the greens and blues I made while leveling LW and am going to use them to fuel his enchanting. Got him up to 110 before I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and had to call it last night.

Once I finish enchanting, that will give me every tradeskill except tailoring. Honestly, I think I have a bit too much, I could make enough money for what I want with just inscription and its getting a little out of hand with all the stuff I do for the AH. I think I'm up over 1,000 auctions. Or was, I'm sure several of them have sold. Most of that is crafted, I've done very little flipping lately.

With all of my expenditures, I was down to around 35k liquid, but thanks to the still growing glyph market, I'm back up over 50k. With the Faire coming to town and me having a few completed decks and a lot of single cards in the bank, I think I'll be back up to near 80k pretty quickly. Hopefully just in time for my vacation. PG and I are going to Toronto for a much needed break from RL, work, and WoW. We might even leave the hotel room and take in some sights.

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