Monday, May 23, 2011

The long-awaited Shout Out Post

Quick update before I get to the shout outs: I hit 65k last night, and didn't get to check my mail this morning due to sleeping late and having to rush to get to work, but according to TUJ, I sold quite a few glyphs and some other assorted stuff so should be around 70k now. Today is May 23rd, I started my gold making venture on May 1st, which means in 22 days I have turned 3k into 70k liquid and about 60k worth of auctions. I'm not seeing the silly 5-6k gains from glyphs that a lot of bloggers are, but my typical day sees me bringing in 2-3k which I'm quite happy with.

Now to the shout outs! These folks are, in my opinion, the best of the best at relating information about making money. Their blogs are the ones that I actually READ instead of just skimming.

First up is Bangkok Bill over at Bangkok Bill's World of Goldcraft. BBWOG (which is really fun to say beebeewog, try it) is the first blog I read after Power Word: Gold every day. He has a ton of useful information and an actual sense of humor. A lot of bloggers try to force their humor and it comes off weird. You can tell Bangkok Bill is a genuinely funny person.

Next up is Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile. Khalior might not be one of the "elite" gold bloggers with a ton of traffic, and even recently said that his blog is mainly for him and his friends, but that said, he has some good info. I like his blog because it seems like he's in a similar situation to me: high population server with lots of AH competition. His post on Fandral might be the first "lore" I've ever read. I hope he does more stuff like that. I've never gotten into the story behind WoW, mainly because it has no impact on the game like it did in EQ, but that post was actually interesting.

Since Stokpile has retired his blog and there is no resident "grouch" in the blogging community, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Midas at WoWMidas will take his place. His posts are often tongue-in-cheek and blunt. Two things I hold in very high regard. Like Bangkok Bill, Midas is a genuinely funny person and it shows in his writing. Midas has a way of cutting through the hype and getting to the heart of a matter that I appreciate.

Last, but not least is Faid at Nerf Faids. Nerf Faids is actually the very first gold blog I found. Not sure how, but when I got the inkling of the idea of playing the AH game, I found her blog. From there I found Power Word: Gold, which of course led me to more blogs than I had time to read. I do try to peruse them all, but honestly I find a lot of them sorta...superfluous. As is to be expected, I guess, there is a lot of redundant information out there. We all basically do the same things, we just write about it in different ways. What sets these guys apart is their writing styles and the actual usefulness of their information.

Of course, I read the "big" blogs regularly too. You know all about those, though. JMTC, Cold's Gold Factory, Alto's, etc. In my opinion, the only advantage they have over the others is that they have more traffic. The same stuff is being said (often better in some cases) on smaller blogs with fewer viewers. Chances are, if your blog is on Flux's directory (and if it isn't, send him an email. If I can get listed, anybody can.) I read it. I'm not saying these guys are better than yours if I didn't mention you specifically, but these four plus PW:G are the ones that have helped me the most.

So, to the four of you (five counting Flux) have my thanks and appreciation for making it easy for me to start my way down the road of WoW riches!


  1. Looks like we have similar taste in blogs. All the blogs you listed are top notch in my opinion (as I yours).

    I love blogging because of how expressive the writers can be.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good list you got there!

    I didn't know I was a "big" blog?!

    If my posts are getting redundant, you better let me know! I do my best not to over-cover over anything (unless I am updating a previous post I wrote), it's all fresh, baby!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :D
    Yep you can expect more lore rants from me.
    When I'll have the time to go through the revamped Azeroth, I'm sure I'll be posting about a few things.

    I urge everyone I know that's interested in lore to go take a look at the Know Your Lore posts that are written at WoW Insider.
    They really do a top-notch job, offer good primers for people that are just getting into lore and everything is archived.

    "I didn't know I was a "big" blog?!"

    /slaps Alto for being silly =P

  4. You are most definitely a "big" blog, Alto. :P

    You've worked hard to get there though, so its well deserved. Your info is definitely not redundant. Actually, you're the only one of the "big" blogs that I haven't seen scooped by a smaller blog, I think.