Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh look, second post!

I know I promised a shout out post, but since this blog is primarily about my gold making experience, I thought I should start with what I did last night.

My brother quit playing recently and had a lonely 85 shaman on his account. I felt sorry for the big lug so I took him in, made him a goblin, and made him my own. He had a 485 JC skill and a whopping 112 alchemy. I thought about raising the alchemy to have a second xmute available, but then I remembered allll those gold bloggers talking about the gold mine that is inscription. So, I took the leap. I dropped his pathetic alchemy, picked up inscription and started skilling up.

Now for the first shout out, I managed to go from 0 to roughly 350 skill in about an hour and a half last night, due mainly to my wonderful girlfriend. Allow you me to introduce you to my packrat girlfriend, from now on: PG. PG has also been playing since vanilla. She, however, has never had the same money issues I have. Whereas I think "OOooo, I want that BoE, but I can't afford it", PG thinks "Hey, I can make that!" She has every tradeskill at max levels, some of them more than once. She has two fully opened guild banks packed to the brim (until last night) with every tradeskill mat you can think of. She never walks past a mining node, herb, unskinned mob, etc. Her guild banks would make gold farmers go weak in the knees. If she ever decided she wanted to own the server, she probably has the stock to make it happen. I'm just glad she's not decided to put her considerable resources and intellect into play in the AH market.

So, thanks to PG supplying me with a VAST amount of herbs to get a leg up, I cut a big dent into the price of skilling inscription thus far. I sent him 2k to get started and when I quit I had about 1300 left. I had to buy a few herbs here and there to get over the hump to the next ink. As I was skilling up, I took profit into consideration and whenever possible made the more profitable glyph if it was a comparable chance at skill up. I didn't have time to do the math this morning, but I'm 100% confident that once the glyphs sell, I will have MADE money raising inscription. That's a first for me. Normally, when I decide I want to raise a tradeskill it means sinking a ton of time, money, and PG's mats into it at a loss. This time, I sank a little time, a little money, and a lot of PG's mats into it but stand to make a killing. Once I get liquid enough, she definitely has a present heading her way.

While posting the glyphs I had made, I came to the realization that there is apparently no one controlling the glyph market on my server. I would go to post a glyph, and see the undercut price as 1g something, and think "WTF?" Looking at the current auctions, there would be 2-3 for 300g each, then 5-6 for 3g or less. Using TUJ, I found the median price for them, bought the cheap ones, and put them plus the ones I had made back up for median price. It'll take some doing, but I think I can regulate and control the glyph market once I get all or most of the glyphs. Can you say CHA-CHING?!?

At this point, some of you might be thinking "Wow he talks a lot." I should have mentioned in the first post, I'm quite the loquacious bastard in text. Don't worry, I'm winding up.

Now, for another shout out. Big thanks to Fluxdada at Power Word: Gold. Not only is his blog the one that convinced me that I CAN make money, its given me a lot of the early tips I used to build my bankroll, and his directory of gold blogs is an amazing resource.  I'll write more about some of the others later, but Fluxdada has been instrumental in my early success in game, as well as helping me set up my blog. If you're reading this, chances are you came here from there, but on the off chance you found me from somewhere else, check him out!

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  1. Whoops, fixed a link. I will be getting PG a vial of the sands, not tickets to Thor, since I don't think I can buy those with WoW gold...