Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Time Management and Gold Making

At about 1am this morning, I got a tell from a guildie stating "I'm going to have to enroll you in AH Rehab." PG has also recently expressed a concern over the amount of time I'm spending on AH related stuff. I hadn't really thought about it as I was enjoying what I was doing. For the first time in a long time, the game outside of raid zones was fun for me. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm the raid leader for our guild of friends and family. Until I started my gold making venture, it was pretty rare for me to log on outside of raid times. If the mood struck me to run a heroic, I'd log in and run one or two, but I spent way less time in game. Once I started the gold making venture, my in game time skyrocketed. The vast majority of that time is on my AH toon, who is not guilded. When I did log over to one of my guilded toons, I was busy prospecting, cutting gems, making belt buckles, milling, making glyphs, fortune cards, etc. I guess from my guild's perspective I am less social despite being in game more.

Part of the problem is that I am extremely inefficient in my crafting processes. I recognized this early on because I was switching toons three or four times to get stuff done because I would forget Random_Mat_01, switch back to AH guy to buy it, send it to crafter, etc. I've gotten a lot better in that aspect and even developed a routine where I get everything done on one toon at a time. My restocking process doesn't take nearly as long now as it did before, but can still be improved upon. I'm going to look into using TSM for jewel crafting but I'm not sure how much more efficient I can be there. I use Panda to prospect and mill, and crafting gems with ATSW is already pretty smooth. I queue everything I'm going to make and then just hit "Process Queue". I'm not sure if TSM has a "craft all" option that would make it even smoother but its something I'll look into.

The biggest part of the problem is that I'm doing things on a day to day basis. I cut enough gems, craft enough belt buckles, etc to last the day. The glyphs are an exception because they move so slowly. I'm going to try to set aside a block of time on one of my days off to craft enough stuff to last a whole week and see if that helps. I'm liquid enough now that I can invest in the mats to make 100 belt buckles instead of 10. Assuming my luck with carnelians and inferno rubies holds, I can prospect a few hundred stacks of ore and have enough cut gems on hand instead of crafting a new batch each day or every other day.

I'm also going to stop the cycle of cancel/repost whenever I get undercut. I'm going to check for under cuts before signing off each night and that's it. I have enough auctions up that getting undercut on a few isn't going to kill me. Out of roughly 600 auctions, I get undercut on perhaps 200 throughout the day. Those other 400 will bring in enough if they sell that its not worth stressing over and taking the time to constantly cancel/repost. I had kind of already started this, as I was just checking my frequent selling gems throughout the day to make sure I was the cheapest. Given that most of my competition seems to be sporadic at best, having merchandise on the AH constantly should still give me plenty of sales.

What I've realized is that while playing the mini-game of WoW Fortune Builder, I was missing out a lot in the rest of the game. There were times when friends were asking me to PVP (which, thanks to my shaman I am now addicted to) and I would say I couldn't because I had to do AH stuff. I started the AH game to make the rest of the game more fun and ended up not playing the rest of the game. That stops today. To the few of you who read my blog: Take a look around and see what you're missing when you're busy searching for a great flip or crafting 1000 doodads. If you just play for the AH, great, more power to you. But remember, the gold is just a mechanism to increase the fun you have in the rest of the game.

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