Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to the Well Dressed Orc

Hey, how's it goin?

So what's goin on here? Well, I've decided that writing a blog may help me focus my efforts on conquering the WoW economy. A little background info is in order, I suppose.

I've played WoW since vanilla, with the exception of BC. I skipped pretty much that whole expansion due to burn out and real life. I came back shortly before the Wrath launch and have been active since then. I consider myself a casual player, with hardcore tendencies. If it weren't for my dear friends and family in my guild, I would probably be in one of the hardcore raiding guilds. As it is, I content myself with leading raids for our merry band of misfits and am quite happy doing so. I've done it all, topped dps meters, been the hero tank, and the go-to healer. Currently my main is a bear tank, with my beloved combat rogue getting as much playtime as I can squeeze in, and I'm beginning to love pvp on my resto shaman.

The one thing I've never been in WoW is rich. I've gotten by, always had enough to pay repair bills, buy flasks, buff food, etc. But I've never been able to spring for the sweet BoE's I saw in /2 and on the AH, and my enchants are always just a little worse than they could be because I have to settle for what's affordable instead of what's BiS. I recently decided to do something about that. Enter Well Dressed Orc, stage right.

At the time my experiment started (about two weeks ago) my druid was 85 and had max herbalism/alchemy, my rogue was 85 with almost max JC/BS, and my pally was 82 with max mining and maybe 460 engineering. They all had roughly 2k gold on them. I took 1k from each and funded a new AH toon. I looked around on the 'net and found a ton of useful information to help me get started. I'll do another post later with resources and shout outs, this is already getting to be a wall o text. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and my AH toon is sitting on roughly 25k gold plus roughly 200 active auctions.

Along the way I've made some mistakes, some discoveries, some enemies, and some new friends. This blog will, hopefully, be an ongoing diary of my journey to WoW riches and I'll try to impart some wisdom, tips and levity to others seeking to do the same.

Coming soon:

Shout outs to the members of the gold blogging community who have helped thus far!
Review of Alto's Gold Guide
Tips and tricks that helped me turn 3k into 20k
Mistakes that kept me from turning 3k into 30k or more
Tools and references for the WoW millionaire in the making
And more!


  1. Congrats on 25k! You seem to be picking up gold-making much faster than I did. ;)

    I've added Well Dressed Orc to the World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory over at Power Word: Gold and look forward to reading about your adventures in gold making.

  2. Review of Alto's Gold Guide?!

    Shoot me an email!