Monday, May 16, 2011

Where to start, where to start?

So I know I promised a shout out post, and it will happen eventually, I promise. So much is going on though that it keeps getting pushed back. It seems like every night I make a new "discovery" about the gold market. I hit 50k last night, twice actually. Just barely eked over, then bought some ore and herbs, then a lot of stuff sold and put me solidly over. Until later. But I'll get to that later.

Big thanks to all the bloggers who reported the removal of the cool down on Icy Prism (link to Cold's Gold Factory, others might have broken the news but I'm at work and can't find those posts now... If you broke it and actually read this, I apologize. Let me know and I'll add a link, not that it will increase your traffic much. :)) I sold  two +10 stat nightmare tears for 800g buyout already, and have sold quite a few of the blue quality gems for 20-50g. The two nightmare tears more than paid for the orbs and green gems I bought from the AH so its already pure profit. Hopefully I can mange to keep finding orbs for 5-10g. I'm the only person selling Wrath gems at the moment so the market is all mine.

Jewel crafting continues to be my big money maker. For some reason I'm the only person selling Brilliant Inferno Rubies and have managed to sell 10-15 at 150g each. Normally the price hovers around 100g with a lot of competition. Not sure what's going on there, but I hope it keeps up. Now if my competition for delicates would go away...

Thanks to Fluxdada (again, what would I do without you?) and Foo, I had a pretty major breakthrough in glyphs last night. Thanks to Flux's most recent post about TSM and some advice from Foo, I finally got TSM up and running on both my scribe and my AH mule. A profitable glyph scan showed that there were a good 20 profitable glyphs that I wasn't making. Stockpiling three of each of these was going to cost me, though. I moved 5k from my banker to my scribe and let TSM do its magic in the AH to supply me with what I needed to make them. Ended up spending about 2k on mats, but I now have a nice little pile of profitable glyphs with less competition than the leveling glyphs. Less competition is good, since it means fewer cancels/reposts. I'm religiously doing my minor and northrend researches to learn more glyphs and the stupid daily thing to earn points. I'm up to 514. Thinking about dumping some gold into mats for the relics to get the last 10 points so I can make the big darkmoon cards, but the relics don't sell very well on my server so I will probably end up with a big loss there but might be able to hand the results out as presents to leveling guildies or something if they don't sell.

Speaking of Darkmoon cards, I did my nightly scan of cards/decks last night and found all the cards to make a Volcano deck for a reasonable price. Picked the cards up for under 6k and have the deck up for 9500. Expect that to sell pretty quickly since the card had been going for 10-12k a couple of weeks ago with the Faire going on. If it doesn't, I can always hold on to it until the next Faire and get a bit more out of it, or worst case my PVP Shaman has a new trinket.

Also took a tip from Mageshadow and tried out Elixir of Giant Growth. There were no deviate fish on the AH so I flew over to the Barrens to fish some and tried to buy some from the folks leveling there, but apparently none of them were fishing. The only response I got to my offer to buy them in bulk was some barely readable insults. I amused myself by trolling the trolls while I fished up two stacks, which took me about 30 minutes. With some clever ads, I managed to sell a few at 15g each. I'll probably play around with the price for a bit and see how well they sell. Not sure I want to subject myself to Barrens chat often enough to keep them up steadily, might just add deviate fish to my snatch list and put them up when I have the mats available without farming.

All in all, its looking good. I've gone from 30k and stagnant to 45k liquid (on my banker alone) with a good 40k in auctions. My next goal is 100k, and I think when I get there I'll treat PG (and myself by proxy) to a vial of the sands!

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