Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Shuffle Option

Well, maybe new. I dunno if anybody else has covered it, anyway.

Quick question: What's the best chest enchant? Chances are, most of you said peerless stats. Which is true, but also viewed by a lot of players as expensive. Which makes 15 stats very attractive to both players and goblins. Players feel like they're getting "more for their money" since on my server, scrolls of peerless stats go for around 2k and mighty stats goes for a little over 100. Its very attractive to goblins because the mats to make this scroll are a whopping 2 lesser celestial essence. You know, the ones we get tons of from DE'ing the rings, etc? Yeah, those. They sell for about 15g on my server. So by turning a few into scrolls and putting them up, you're basically turning 30g (plus a bit for vellums) into 100g or more, depending on your server.

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